All our chocolates are handmade on the premises from scratch. We pride ourselves on producing chocolate made the tradional Swiss way sourcing one of the highest quality belgium chocolate available. All our Chocolate Truffels have the tradional butter-cream centered filling. Some are mixed with different liquors. Other chocolates have dried fruits like dried apricots soaked in brandy to the unique soft Gianduia nut paste made using our own grinders to the make the paste truly smooth and scrumptious. We have over 50 varieties of chocolate ranging from White, Milk and Dark chocolate. Gluten/nut/Lactose free and Vegan options are available to choose from.

Premade Chocolate Gift Boxes are available in 5 different sizes:

  • 200 grams
  • 300 grams
  • 375 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 1 kilogram Boxes



  • Dark(D)
  • Milk(M)
  • White(W)
  • Has Gluten(G)

Fruit Chocolates:

  • Brandy Apricots(D)
  • Brandy Prunes(D)
  • Pear Liqour soaked Pears(D)
  • Cognac Cherries(D)
  • Crunchy Chocolates made with sultanas and cornflakes (D)(M) and (W)
  • Candied Orange Slices and Candied Pineapple Slices (D)(W)
  • Organic Fiji Ginger(D)

Nut Chocolates:

  • Full Hazelnut Clusters(D)(M) and (W)
  • Hazelnut Paste Logs (D)(M) and (W)
  • Almond Paste Nougat(D)(M) and (W)
  • Macadamia Paste Creams (D)(M) and (W)
  • Almond Marzipan (D)(M)(G)
  • Pistachio Marzipan (D)(M)(G)
  • Almond Rochers (Slivered caramelized almonds) (D)(M) and (W)


  • Rum Truffels (D)(M),
  • Coconut Liquor Malibu(W),
  • Kirsche(W), Strawberry (D)
  • Poire/Pear Liqour(M)(G)
  • Dark Truffels(D)
  • Milk Truffels(M)
  • Ivory Truffels(M)(W),
  • Peppermint(D)
  • Coffee Cream(D)
  • Sambucca/Aniseed(D)(G)
  • Orange Truffels(M)
  • Grand Manier(D)(G)
  • Whisky(D)
  • Contreau(D)(M)(G)
  • Calvados/Apple Liqour(M)(D)(G)
  • Champaigne Truffels(D)(G)
  • Honey Truffels(M)
  • Drambuie Truffels(M)(G)

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