Shortbread Packets & Bread Crumbs

Top Left: Tortenbeinli Hazelnut fingers. Made with lots of butter and local Batlow hazelnuts that provide a nice coffee snack
Top Middle: Almond Biscotti. Thinly sliced crunchy almond biscuits cooked twice
Top Right: Basler Leckerli. A old fashioned traditional Swiss styled Lebkuchen. Made with lots of our own honey, lemon juice, almonds, mixed peel and spices finished with a light sugar crust glaze. This treat takes a few days of work and is a Swiss favourite and speciality.
Bottom Left: Pfeffernusse/Peppernuts. Made with lots of honey, butter, cream and spices these German speciality cookies are finished with a icing sugar glaze
Bottom Middle: Mixed butter shortbread hard biscuits some plain and some made with hazelnut and almonds.
Bottom Right: Bread roll bread crumbs. Dried out bread crumbs with no additives or extenders. Use to make Schnitzels at home.