Sourdough Bread

Baking high quality sourdough bread since 1991 we pride our bread to be naturally longlasting and tasty. Made with high quality local Australian flour and processed as a natural sourdough the bread is made from fine-tuned European styled recipes learned in Zurich. All of our products are done without added preservatives or artifical flavours and in commercial Stone heated ovens with fresh steam.

Type of Sourdough Bread – refer pic RHS

Top Left: Kibble Rye is a dense rye and wholemeal loaf with kibbles

2nd from top left: Olive Bread is a low salt white bread with Spanish olives

2nd from top right: Graham loaf is a 100% wholemeal loaf with kibble wheat

Top right: White sourdough French baguette

Below the Kibble Rye: Castle bread is a multigrain white loaf with a spongy texture

Middle bread below the Graham: St (Saint) Galler is the most popular Swiss styled dense white bread loaf

Right middle bread below the baguette: Solothurner is a white milk loaf. A specialty bread from the Swiss town of Solothurn east of Zurich

Bread below the olive bread: Rye bread that is 50% white and 50% rye. A semi dense bread

Below the Solothurner: Maize bread is polenta based bread made with 5 crown Sultanas and butter. Semi sweet savoury bread. Excellent for bread and butter pudding.

Bottom right and bottom left: Semmel bread rolls. White sourdough bread rolls made plain or with sesame, poppy or caraway seeds.

Bottom middle left: French Brioche. A rich butter and egg sweet dough.

Bottom middle: French Croissant made with laminated butter dough.